What does Cega do?

Cega generates safer, higher real yield for the Web3 investor.

Where does the yield come from?

Cega's structured investments generate real yield for users through options premiums & lending. Learn more about each strategy in the Vault Products section.

What are exotic options?

Cega brings TradFi's most elite products to the everyday investor, and our primary focus is on exotic options structures. Exotic options aren’t about diving into complexity; they’re about embracing customization.

See Options 101 to learn more!

Does Cega have a token?

No, Cega currently does not have a token. If you hear about any, they are scams. For all official information, please follow the announcement channel in our Discord server.

Where do I go if I need technical support?

Reach us on Discord, we'll help you out.

How do I use the app?

Visit our helpful User Guides in the Docs! https://docs.cega.fi/cega/products/product-guides-and-faqs

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