Investment summary

Leveraged Options Vaults (LOV)

What are LOVs?

LOVs are short for Leveraged Options Vaults. These strategies create a higher pay-off for users without requiring external liquidity from which to borrow funds for leverage. In a nutshell, LOVs enter user’s staked assets into multiple baskets instead of one basket (as is the case with a Pure Options Vault). Multiple baskets generate magnified yield.

Investment Summary

  • This vault trades a Pure Options strategy — zero lending is involved

  • Earn up to 120% APY on deposits, yield paid in your deposit asset

  • BTC, ETH, SOL, AVAX, ARB, OP, LDO, stETH, RPL and PAXG underlying assets in basket option

  • Invested capital is protected from loss unless the price of an underlying asset falls by 50% or more during 27 days

  • Invested capital is locked for 27 days

  • Vaults automatically rollover upon expiry to compound returns

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