Audits and Security

FCN Audit Summary

Security is paramount at Cega. The Ethereum Mainnet smart contract was double audited by two leading blockchain security firms, OtterSec and Zellic. The Solana Mainnet smart contract was audited by OtterSec and received security consultation from Zellic during the coding phase. Cega continues to pay for a monthly retainer for OtterSec to provide analyses/approvals for new feature code changes.

Both firms thoroughly evaluated Cega's smart contract to identify any vulnerabilities or critical bugs that could potentially put user funds at risk. Neither firm found any critical bugs or security flaws in Cega's codebase, which speaks to the robustness and reliability of our smart contract. The double audit process is also an essential part of our commitment to transparency and security.

Dual Currency Audit Summary

A comprehensive security audit with OtterSec was conducted to ensure the safety and security of the Dual Currency products. Zero critical issues were found, and all raised issues were resolved immediately. Cega also received security consulting from Code4rena’s top auditor during live code development to ensure the safety of the codebase.

Cega Audit Reports:

Ethereum Mainnet Smart Contract: OtterSec report + Zellic report

Solana Mainnet Smart Contract: OtterSec report

Dual Currency Smart Contract: OtterSec report

FCN V2 Smart Contract Upgrade: OtterSec report

FCN V2 Smart Contract Upgrade: Rustam (Code4rena) report

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