Introduction to Cega

What is Cega

Cega is the leading DeFi structured investments protocol and has transacted $440M+ to date. Users can earn high fixed yields between 10% to 120% APY on their USDC, ETH, stETH, WBTC and more. Cega was the first to launch on-chain derivatives strategies that are popular in TradFi and add yield enhancement, principal protection, and diversification to investor portfolios.

Cega is backed by Dragonfly Capital and Pantera Capital and can be accessed on Ethereum Mainnet, Arbitrum or Solana.

How Cega generates yield

Cega generates yield for users from options premiums. The premiums received from selling the options is entirely distributed as yield to vault participants. The structured products available at Cega consist of a variety of exotic options & lending strategies that maximize yield and provide downside protection.

Need a refresher on Options? Learn about them here.

Why the Sanics Created Cega

DeFi currently experiences a lot of issues…

  1. There is a lack of real yield and product innovation in DeFi. New products are often forks of the best ideas in the market, people are not innovating with their products. Because of this, users face an ecosystem largely built on ponzi schemes and inflationary token rewards. Now we face an ecosystem that lacks real yield.

  2. There is still a lack of access to TradFi's elite products. Some financial tools are still only available in the depth of TradFi, and most of DeFi is faced with poor UX and hard-to-understand products.

  3. DeFi operates on high-risk, high leverage investment strategies, and lacks opportunities for lower risk-profile investors.

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