Investment summary

Pure Options Vaults


  • These vaults trade a Pure Options strategy — no bond/lending is involved

  • Earn 24% to 60% APY on deposits, with yield paid in your deposit asset (APY varies based on market conditions & deposit asset)

  • Different underlying assets in basket option range from BTC, ETH, SOL, AVAX, ARB, OP, LDO, RPL, stETH and XAUT.

  • Invested capital is protected from loss unless the price of an underlying asset falls by up to 50% during 27 days (varies based on vault product)

  • Invested capital is locked for 27 days

  • Vaults automatically rollover upon expiry to compound returns

Product Description

This vault trades an exotic options structured product that delivers a Pure Options strategy. Investors accrue high, daily yield payments on their deposited capital which is paid when the vault expires/matures. At expiry, the initial deposit is returned to investors in full if the price of an underlying asset (e.g. ETH, BTC) has not fallen below the Knock-In level during the 27 day trade. Pure Options vaults are valuable investments for investors who seek superior yields, do not want exposure to bonds/lending, and have positively or moderately bullish views on the price of the underlying crypto assets.

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