Risks and mitigation

Dual Currency

Cega vault strategies are sophisticated investment products that carry risks and are not suitable for investors who do not comprehend the product or are risk averse.

Conversion Risk At maturity on Day 27, investors’ deposit currency may be converted to the alternate currency at a rate lower than the market. For stablecoin depositors, the alternative asset (ETH) will be purchased at the preset discounted price which may be less optimal than market at that time. For ETH/stETH/WBTC depositors, the deposit asset will be sold for USDC at a preset profit level (+5%, +10% or +30%) which may be less optimal than market (diluting potential upside).

Smart Contract Risk Security is our #1 priority, however all on-chain protocols and transactions carry inherent smart contract risk. We conduct code audits and maintain continuous oversight to ensure user protection.

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