Monitoring your Investment

Step 1: Check your Network

First and foremost, you need to ensure you're connected to the same network that you used for your deposit. If you deposited via Ethereum, you should be on the Ethereum network, and if you deposited via Arbitrum, make sure you're on the Arbitrum network.

To do this, open your wallet and select the correct network from the dropdown menu. If you're using MetaMask, for instance, you can click on the network selection button at the top of the app and choose the network.

Step 2: Navigate to the Portfolio Tab

Head to the β€˜Portfolio’ tab on the Cega platform β€”

Step 3: Review Your Investments

On the Portfolio page, each vault you've deposited into is listed separately. Each listing displays key information about your investments such as your balance in the vaults, pending deposits, and yield earned.

To view more details about an investment, simply click on the corresponding vault. This will expand the view to show more information about your investment in that specific vault.

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