Withdrawals & FAQs

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Users can submit withdrawal requests at any time -- withdrawals are added to queue and processed upon day 27 expiry. Yield will be earned up until your withdrawal has been processed.

This means you will receive your withdrawn funds when the vault expires. You can find the vault expiry date on the 'Portfolio' page under 'Active Investments'.

Vault Trade Start Date is a few hours after the Vault Deposit Close because after vaults close, the auction with market makers happens where the trade is finalized (and officially starts)

How to Withdraw - For All Products

This guide is relevant for user invested in all Cega products. For information about withdrawing converted funds from Dual Currency investments, see the next section.

Step 1: Choose the Correct Vault

Go to app.cega.fi and scroll through the list of vaults to find the one you have deposited into.

Step 2: Initiate Withdrawal

Once inside the chosen vault page, find the "Withdraw" button located next to the "Deposit" button. Click on it to initiate the withdrawal process.

Step 3: Enter the Withdrawal Amount

Enter the amount of vault tokens you wish to withdraw. If you want to withdraw all your deposited funds, click on the "MAX" button. This will auto-fill the field with the total amount of your vault tokens.

Step 4: Preview Your Withdrawal

After inputting the withdrawal amount, click on the "Preview Withdrawal" button. This will allow you to review the details of your pending withdrawal.

Step 5: Confirm Withdrawal

After reviewing the details, click on the "Approve and Withdraw" button. Proceed with the wallet prompts. The final amount returned will be determined at the vault expiration date and your deposit + yield will be withdrawn to your wallet at the vault's expiry. Please allow up to 12 hours for some withdrawals to be processed.

How to Withdraw - For Dual Currency Conversion

This guide is relevant for users invested in a Dual Currency vault that has experienced a currency conversion event (deposit asset changed to alternate currency).

Step 1: Confirm converted vault on the Portfolio page

Head to your Portfolio page. You'll see your converted vault under the 'Idle Investments' section. Click on this tab to see more details on the converted vault. It will be marked 'Converted' and will show you the amount available for withdrawal (in the converted currency). You can click on the Product Name to proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Withdraw your funds instantly

You should now be on the Product page for your dual currency investment. To recall, from the Portfolio page you can click on the product name (e.g ETH Elephant).

  • Select 'Withdraw' in the right side widget, and click 'Max'

  • Select 'Preview Withdrawal' and review the details.

  • Select 'Confirm Withdrawal' and follow the wallet prompts.

Your converted funds will be sent to your wallet. Please allow up to 12 hours for withdrawals to be completely processed and sent to your wallet.

Step 3: Redeposit your new assets

To continue maximizing yield, you can use your funds to deposit into a different Cega product. Browse from the Dual Currency, Pure Options or Bond + Options products to find what suits your investment goals best.

Withdrawal FAQs

Q: When should I submit for withdraw request?

You must submit your withdrawal request prior the vault expiry date. Vaults have a 27-day lifecycle and you can see the expiry date (and when you'll recieve your withdrawal) in the Portfolio page.

Q: I made a deposit a few days ago but now when I request withdrawal the amount shows 0. When can I withdraw?

Vaults are open for deposits 7-days prior to their commencement of the 27-day trade. So if you deposited a few days ago, your trade may still be queued and waiting for the Thurs 2pm UTC start. Once your vault has begun trading you'll receive Vault Tokens which represent your position in the vault.

Once the vault has started trading (The next Thurs 2pm UTC from your deposit) you will be able to request a withdrawal.

Q: I requested for withdrawal a few days ago but I haven't received the funds yet.

You will receive your funds once the vault expires. Vaults trade for 27-days, and you can see your vaults expiry in the portfolio page by clicking on your active investment.

Q: I requested a withdrawal just after the vault expired, when will I receive my withdrawal?

If you do not request you withdrawal before the vault expiry date, your investment will automatically be rolled over to the next vault. Your withdrawal request will be applied to the new vault, and your funds will be withdrawn at the expiry of the new vault.

Q: If my vault experiences a conversion, how and when do I receive my funds?

Your newly converted funds will need to be manually withdrawn from the app, they will need automatically be sent to your wallet or reinvested into a new vault. Follow the guide here.

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